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Faculty Resources

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As faculty, you can request a librarian to help teach your students about library resources, research practices, information literacy, and more. We can do single sessions (we call them one-shot instruction sessions) or we can help with projects and papers, or you can embed us for the whole semester.


Our librarians can make content for your students to always have access to for learning about the library and its resources.

We have our Library Crash Courses for quick information about library resources, or you can request specific content be made for a class (this is a great option for online classes). Most of this content can be embedded into Moodle courses as well.

We can also make research guides on specific subjects or classes that have a major research assignment.

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As librarians, we want faculty and staff to know what resources the library provides for professional development from time management skills to free teaching resources. Sessions will be held through the Professional Development Center.

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While we are an academic library, we have plenty of leasure reading. Some of our most popular resources are our ebooks and audiobooks through Dogwood Digital Library. You can download the Libby App today and get started. All you need is a library card!


In the ever-changing higher education environment, the library wants instructors to know all the resources available to support them. Open Educational Resources (OER) is a fantastic movement across colleges and universities to provide educational content under a creative commons license.

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As the faculty on campus, you know exactly what the students need to learn and grow in your class. If you feel the library should have certain books in the collection, or a certain database, please work with us so we can work towards providing more appropriate resoures for students.


You thought our online chat service was just for the students? Nope! You are more than welcome to use the chat service. Just make sure to preface that you are a faculty member.

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